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Apr 14, 2019

Discover the creative process and understand the inspiration of the Royal Painter of China, Zhou Xu. Find out why the famous painter opened up a new chapter in his career now in Hollywood.

Conversation with Gia Noortas. Translated by Zhou Xu’s talented daughter Selinda.

Zhou Xu, (pronounced Joe Shoe), is very famous in the group of contemporary Chinese artists in China. He painted a few oil paintings for the 2008 Olympic Games. The Chinese government also commission him for doing historically related artworks, portraits of governors officials and celebrities. Since 1996, Zhou Xu has been working on art related to the history of China in Beijing. He has held the exhibitions in Scotland, Japan, Singapore, the U.S, Canada, Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He has exhibited in mainland China 10 times.
The theme of Zhou's artwork is based on important Chinese historical events and people. The artist's main objective is to illustrate Women and Mother Lover. His other artworks consist of dances in palaces, landscapes, portraits, and spirit of love. Zhou was named Chinese Contemporary Artist for the Royal Palace. His artwork has been collected by many art galleries and museums and is sold internationally. Zhou has contributed and donated to the charity of Tibet and poor areas in China. He is one of the most talented contemporary artists in China.
Throughout many years of work Zhou Xu has exhibited his art in many different countries and has won numerous of very prestigious awards. That includes Lifetime Achievement Award (2018) from Daya Prize in Literature and Culture. The prize is named as Chinese Nobel Prize, as well as Global The Most Outstanding Artist Award in Culture and Arts during the past forty Years in the Chinese History (2019).
Presently Zhou Xu is beginning to work with film production companies in Los Angeles, making a new impact onto cultural aspect of filmmaking.

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